Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've been feeling a general lack of inspiration lately, and then I came across something that reminded me of why I wanted to start blogging and this amazing city I live in.

These fine folks held a "funraiser" for a van. This van will be used as a studio, performance space, and generally, a place for community and creation.

Check out this video they made while on their way to pick up the van. I can guarantee inspiration.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fuse is Coming!

October 23rd
6pm-12am (It's been open much later in the past so I assume that you could play about until like 3)
750 Hornby St, Vancouver)
19+ (?? Most likely not all ages as there are bars...but you should call and check)

Fuse comes around only once and a while and these art kids certainly know how to throw a great party. I will always remember my first one; about 3 years ago I encountered a performance art piece that involved a giant box falling down repeatedly for no apparent reason,
the ever enjoyable sustainable city build with wooden blocks (I went with engineers who really loved this part) and the performing of a recently uncovered piece by a famous silent music composer who I had never heard of before. I think I both laughed at and then subsequently fell asleep during the CBC taping of the music.

Anyways, enough of my distant memories.

This upcoming Fuse is centered around the theme of 'Good and Evil'. Much like art in general, I don't know what to take from this little phrase, but the lineup gives me the general impression that it's going to be amazing. Also, I think you can dress up if you fancy it. There will be live music, dancing (Thriller and bhangra
), readings, a pyrotechnic display...and...well read and descriptions stolen from the VAG website below.

If I may suggest, buy your tickets when the doors open and head out for dinner somewhere downtown. Arriving in style with the energy to dedicate to a night full of art is the only way to go.


  • - Renowned performance artists (Aaron Pollard and Stephen Lawson) from Montreal will present their transmedia performance Phobophilia (Arousal from Fear).
  • Gwendoline Robin - Belgian artist and pyrotechnician Gwendoline Robin blows up her head. Just once, mind you, so don’t miss it. Co-presented with the LIVE Biennial of Performance Art.
  • Thrill the World Vancouver - Diwali vs. Thriller: Zombies and a South Asian battle between good and evil? Yes, please! Thrill the World Vancouver pay homage to MJ with recurring “Thrillers” through the night while internationally recognized dance troupe UBC Girlz bring on a Diwali-themed bhangra routine.
  • UBC Girlz - The UBC Girlz Bhangra Team is a dynamic, high energy team, which has helped revolutionize and raise the bar for women’s bhangra.
  • Michael Turner - All night Rapture vs. All night Descent into Hell
    Author Michael Turner (Hard Cord Logo, The Pornographer’s Poem) “live-writes” Rapture + Hell through the night with a special guest partner.
  • scars and black eyes by Blanche Macdonald Centre–Make-up artists from Blanche MacDonald Centre provide free black eyes, scars and angel eyes for Fuse patrons.
  • … and more!


  • The Fuc_bricks
  • FUSE Lounge


  • Scott McFarland
  • Expanding Horizons: Painting and Photography of American and Canadian Landscapes 1860-1918
  • From the Collection: Is Only the Mind Allowed to Wander?
  • Dawn: Sketches by the Group of Seven
  • NEXT: Owen Kydd for more information