Friday, April 9, 2010


I'm very happy to say that yesterday I finally got to work in my garden. Although not of the sod-tearing up variety (which is sorely needed) I transplanted some mint and raspberries, turned some soil and planted some red and fingerling potatoes. My peas, green beans and squash seeds from September have also made their way into their starter trays so I will find out soon if they will germinate.

More than just the blue sky it was a truly amazing day. The cool winds were coming down the mountain through the cedars and one gust the other way carried cherry blossom petals up into the air and over my house. It sprinkled down like the most beautiful and unexpected confetti.

My garden this summer will
hopefully include;
bolero carrots
grape tomatoes
green beans
green peas
potatoes (red and fingerling)
red leaf lettuce
squash (butternut and acorn)
wild strawberries



Sunday, April 4, 2010

a gentle reminder...

best coffee in vancouver

These standards are based on my experiences only, and are judged by the coffee shop's americano soy misto, with no sugar added. This list is subject to change. Have I missed somewhere special? Please let me know.

1. Gene Coffeebar, 2404 Main Street

2. 29th Parallel, 2152 W 4th Avenue

3. Prado Cafe, 1938 Commercial Drive

4. Turks Coffee, 1276 Commercial Drive

5. Re-Entry Espresso, 4363 Main Street