Monday, February 1, 2010

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As I'm getting ever closer to my break from Vancouver, I'm in a rather melancholy state about my departure from the city. Sure it's been a rather wet and warm winter but perhaps that's the ideal breeding ground for all of the fun that is about to spark up. For those participating in forums, the warm rooms of dialogue and friendship will perhaps spread out into the city as each person carries their own fire for change. For those who can/choose to make their convictions known in the street, the cooling rains may ground them in the process of a continuous cycle of the varying forms of action.

I know I will see much when I'm away and that upon my return I will be able to learn from the experiences of those who participated and witnessed what may become of 2010. Perhaps I need to take a little more solace in that fact.

When I'm home again the city will be just a little bit warmer and I in turn will know a little bit more about myself. I will be able to take part in change in a different venue, the growing season is fast approaching. Sprouts will soon be birthed on my windowsill and new space for my beds needs to be prepared.

Here's to almost Spring.